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Surface Mount Fuses
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1032T series 3.2 * 10mm 10321025 slow break, patch fuse

  1032F series 3.2 * 10mm10321025 quick-break, patch fuse, patch fuse is a relatively high technology in the small fuse industry. The patch fuse can be divided into a patch current fuse and a patch self-recovery fuse

 According to the size and performance of the chip current fuse can be divided into the following shape: 

(1) product according to size can be divided into: 0402,0603,120624106125180810251032124512502050

(2) product according to performance can be divided into three types: fast fusing, slow fusing and enhanced fusing heat energy.


   Patch self-recovery fuses can also be classified by size as 08051210,0603,1206,1812,20182920, etc. . If the chip fuse has the high request, generally uses the thin film to make, the ultra low internal resistance, applies to the overcurrent protection, like the surge and so on. Computer peripheral products, mobile phones and other communication equipment, digital cameras, monitors, batteries commonly used. There is a size to the manufacturers that can use this kind of technology.

   REOMAX patch fuse can be divided into one-time patch fuse and patch self-recovery fuse, one-time fuse protection needs to be replaced, after the power failure can be self-recovery can be reused.

   There are four basic types of patch fuses:

  (1) slow fuse/time delay fuse; 

  (2) Double Alloy Slow Fuse; 

  (3) Quick Reaction Fuse; 

  (4) Very Quick Reaction Fuse.

   The slow fuse type is ideal for circuits containing transient current surges or power-on surges. These circuits include motors, transformers, incandescent lamps, and applicable load devices. The fast-response fuse is fast and suitable for circuits without instantaneous current surges. Ultra-quick-reaction fuses are usually connected with silver. These fuses are often used to protect semiconductor circuits because of their current-limiting ability.


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