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Dongguan Reomax Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. introduces and adopts the world's excellent and advanced machinery and equipment and advanced management experience. Take "honesty and pragmatism" as the business philosophy; Take "quality for survival, product for development" as the enterprise principle. At present, it has become a well-known circuit safety protection brand in China. Production and marketing of micro fuse, square fuse, current fuse, high voltage fuse, temperature fuse, resistance fuse, ceramic tube fuse, glass tube fuse, self-healing fuse, patch winding resistance, etc., focusing on providing customers at home and abroad.


Keep up with international cutting-edge technology

Product advantages

SMD fuse (product miniaturization) helps guests realize production automation

Improve efficiencyFast reply, fast confirmation, fast delivery, delivery within 24 hours, SF cooperation, unity and cooperation, innovation and service users

cost reductionSMD fuse is fully automatic, which solves the current situation of difficult recruitment and labor shortage, realizes the phenomenon of fewer people in the factory and saves labor cost

Safe and reliableReomax Ruimai fuse is professionally manufactured and has passed the certification UL cULus VDE CCC PSE kciso9001:2015

Innovative R & DReomax rimac has practical patents and appearance patents, and has an experienced technical team for R & D and testing of high and low voltage current fuses

Application case

Technological innovation and pursuit of excellence

5g communication power supply, power adapter, fast charging charger industry case

Automobile new energy industry case

Honorary qualification

Trust because of professionalism

Cooperative customers

Customer first and honest operation


Trust because of professionalism

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