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Dongguan Reamax Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (reomax Ruimai HK) entered the mainland market in 1999 and was built in Dongguan, Guangdong, which is known as the "global manufacturing base". We are an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various current protection fuses, focusing on the production of various current fuses, temperature fuses and other circuit protection components. At present, Ruimai has a modern production plant of more than 3000 square meters, various advanced automatic processing, assembly and testing equipment, and a production capacity of 50 million per month. As one of the member units of small fuses of the national fuse Standardization Technical Committee, Ruimai participates in the drafting and formulation of national and industrial standards for small fuses. Independent scientific research and Technological Development and innovation ability. The company has advanced equipment, scientific testing standards and high-quality staff. In order to ensure product quality, we have implemented iso9001:2015 quality management system and accumulated rich manufacturing experience after several years of development and development. The principle of making the best use of people, making the best use of things and customer first, constantly improve professional technology and improve sales service, which has won the trust of our customers. The company introduces and adopts the world's excellent and advanced machinery and equipment and advanced management experience. Take "honesty and pragmatism" as the business philosophy; Take "quality for survival, product for development" as the enterprise principle. We are very focused on the safety and reliable performance of products to ensure that the products are foolproof. The safety performance of products has achieved good results. Our main products have obtained UL, cul, VDE, CCC, CQC, CE, PSE, KTL, RoHS and other international safety certifications.

Our products are widely used in power supply, switching power supply, charger, transformer, computer, telephone, household appliances, communication products, lighting products, toy products, LED energy-saving lamps, instruments and meters, electronic equipment, boards and cards, solar electric field devices, industrial power control equipment, various instruments and connecting wires of various electronic appliances, motor products, it, consumer electronics Automobile, battery and other fields. From our own brand (reomaxfuse)

We firmly believe that we can provide you with more high-quality products and professional circuit protection solutions, and look forward to your call; If you have any product and technical guidance needs, we will serve you warmly; We look forward to your patronage!

Independent brand (reomax. Noble. TLC)

In line with excellent quality, competitive price, fast delivery and comprehensive after-sales service, our company provides you with high-quality and satisfactory products! In order to cooperate with our customers' service, we hereby establish Dongguan office. Welcome to consult and discuss!

Quality concept: carefully manufactured to ensure that every product leaving the factory is a high-quality product.

Market philosophy: brand, service, honor. Service purpose: to meet the reasonable needs of customers, customers are always right.

Service concept: providing customers with "zero defect" products and considerate service is the unswerving goal of every employee of the company.

Reputation first, user first and quality first are our consistent service tenets. With the enterprise spirit of sincere cooperation and innovation, we will try our best to make our products meet the requirements of users and strive for perfection.

• Hong Kong reomax Electronics was established in 1999.

・ invested in the construction of Jiajie electronics factory (reomax) in 2003.

・ passed ISO9001 certification in 2007 and the products meet ROHS standards.

・ in 2009, Jiajie Electronics Co., Ltd. was renamed and established.

・ in 2011, it obtained the product certification of China CQC, CCC, American UL and Canadian cul, and applied for VDE.

・ in 2011, the company became the member unit of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association.

・ obtained German VDE product certification in 2012.

・ obtained the appearance and practical patent of fuse in 2012.

・ expanded production in 2013 and obtained PSE KC certification.

・ in 2014, Ruimai Electronics was established for business manufacturing


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