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Surface Mount Fuses
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Set series 250V 180861252410 slow melt, chip fuse

      This product is suitable for overcurrent protection of primary and Secondary Circuit Boards of all kinds of electronic equipments, it is widely used in solid state lighting, battery charging, consumer electronics, Electrical ballast, LED ACDC power supply, network communications, medical devices and industrial controllers. SET1100 patch fuse has many different types, different classification, one of which SET1100 patch fuse 241061251808, the same is now some industry must be applied in the product, will meet the use of major industries in need.


      SET1100 chip fuse 241061251808, is a slow fuse products, in its own specifications and volume is relatively small, especially can be used in a current range, plus is in line with the current ROHS standard, therefore can have good performance, can bring the effect of fusing, especially the working temperature range is also very wide, when using, because do not need to worry about any conflict metal, get certain application in each big industry.    This patch fuse itself has a wide range of applications, but when installing it, be sure to use it in the right way, preferably under the operation of a professional to complete the installation and use, at the same time, we need to pay attention to store in the right environment, the temperature should be less than twenty-four degrees, we will provide customers with high quality products, especially can provide professional and thoughtful service, to meet the actual needs of customers in the use of products, to provide professional after-sales service.


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