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Thermal Fuse
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Varistor plug-in

Datong flow lightning proof varistor

It is a fine semiconductor electronic ceramic component made of zinc oxide as the main raw material. The resistance value changes nonlinearly with the applied voltage. When the voltage exceeds a certain value, the varistor quickly changes from high resistance state (blocking current) to low resistance state (on), and the reaction time can reach nanosecond level. It is widely used in various electronic circuits and power appliances for surge overvoltage and lightning protection.

1. Product features

Wide voltage range, large current capacity and fast response time

2. Product purpose:

Power overvoltage protection, motor overvoltage protection, semiconductor device protection, household appliances surge overvoltage protection, communication ` power facilities surge voltage protection, overvoltage protection relay of measurement and control instrument ` solenoid valve action surge voltage protection

Common specifications:

D25 varistor (surge absorber) 8 / 20 μ s 1 times(A) 15000

25D101K 25D121K 25D151K 25D181K 25D201K 25D221K 25D241K 25D271K 25D301K 25D331K 25D361K 25D391K 25D431K 25D471K 25D511K 25D561K 25D621K 25D681K 25D751K 25D781K 25D821K 25D911K 25D102K 25D142K 25D182K

40d varistor (surge absorber) 8 / 20 μ s1 times(A)40000

182KD40 152KD40 112KD40 102KD40 911KD40 821KD40 781KD40 751KD40 681KD40 621KD40 561KD40 511KD40 471KD40 431KD40 391KD40 361KD40 301KD40 331KD40 271KD40 241KD40 221KD40 201KD40

D32 varistor (surge absorber) 8 / 20 μ s 1 times(A) 25000

182KD32 152KD32 112KD32 102KD32 911KD32 821KD32 781KD32 751KD32 681KD32 621KD32 561KD32 511KD32 471KD32 431KD32 391KD32 361KD32 301KD32 331KD32 271KD32 241KD32 221KD32 201KD32

Common varistors 10d102k, 10d951k, 10d911k, 10d821k, 10d781k, 10d751k, 10d681k, 10d621k, 10d561k, 10d511k










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