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High voltage fuse
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MTC Series 6 * 30 glass tube slow break fuse

Reomax can be divided into power fuse, machine tool fuse, electrical instrument fuse (electronic fuse) and automobile fuse according to the scope of use. According to the volume integral, it can be divided into: large, medium, small and micro.

According to the rated voltage, it can be divided into: high voltage fuse, low voltage fuse and safety voltage fuse. According to breaking capacity, it can be divided into high breaking capacity fuse and low breaking capacity fuse. According to the shape, it can be divided into: flat head tubular fuse (which can also be divided into internal welding fuse and external welding fuse), pointed tubular fuse, guillotine fuse, spiral fuse, plug-in fuse, flat fuse, wrapped fuse and patch fuse.

According to the fusing speed, it can be divided into: extra slow fuse (generally represented by TT), slow fuse (generally represented by T), medium speed fuse (generally represented by M), fast fuse (generally represented by F) and extra fast fuse (generally represented by FF).

According to the standard, it can be divided into: European fuse, American fuse and Japanese fuse.

According to the type, it can be divided into: current fuse (patch fuse, micro fuse, plug-in fuse and tubular fuse), temperature fuse (RH [block type], RP [resistance type], ry [metal shell]) and self recovery fuse (plug-in, lamination and patch).

It can be divided into: patch type 0603080512061210181220162920; Non patch type Φ two point four × 7, Φ three × 8, Φ three point six × 10, Φ four point five × 15, Φ five × 20, Φ five point one six × 20, Φ six × 25, Φ six × 30, Φ six × 32, Φ eight point five × 8, Φ eight point five × eight × 4, Φ ten × 38, Φ ten × eighty-five Φ fourteen × 51。


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