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High voltage fuse
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SFC Series 5 * 20MM glass tube quick break fuse

SFC Series 5 * 20MM glass tube quick break fuse reomax can be divided into two types according to the installation form: with lead and without lead. The fuse tube without lead wire needs to be used together with the supporting fuse holder. The advantage of this kind of product is that when the fuse tube is damaged and the fault is eliminated, the fuse tube only needs to be reinstalled into the fuse holder, which is very convenient to replace. The disadvantage is that it needs one more process during production, and the fuse tube needs to be installed after welding the fuse holder, Therefore, in the case of the same specification, the cost of fuse without lead is slightly higher than that with lead for the first production. The early production cost of lead wire is low, only one process is required and the cost of one fuse holder is reduced. However, when the fuse tube is damaged, it needs to be replaced by professionals after disassembly, and the replacement cost is very high. Second, the fusing speed can be divided into several types according to the fusing speed: extra slow break (TT), slow break (T), medium speed (m), fast break (f) and extra fast break (FF). See i2t in the specification here. Third, breaking capacity, high breaking (H) and low breaking (L). Fourth, according to the size, it can be divided into 3.6 * 10, 4.6 * 16, 5 * 20, 6.3 * 30, etc. the specific size depends on each factory. These types of sizes are those with more consumption. Fifth: according to the classification of safety specification certification, European regulations, Japanese regulations and American regulations. Reomax REMAX


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