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Square fuse
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MTS series 8 * 4 * 7.7 slow melting square fuse

      Characteristics and application scope of reomax square fuse series products; This product is suitable for overcurrent protection of primary and secondary circuit boards of various electronic equipment. It is widely used in solid-state lighting, battery charging, consumer electronics, electronic ballasts, led AC / DC power supply, network communication, medical instruments and industrial controllers. MTS square fuse has many different types and classifications. Among them, mts1100 mts1315 t3.15a250v square fuse mts2410 6125 1808 has also become a product that must be applied in some industries and will meet the needs of major industries in use. Both high current tuvt and UL Listed 10a12a15a16a20a have the characteristics of small size. Compared with other fuse devices, the volume of square fuse is also small among many fuses. The foot distance is 5.08mm, which occupies a relatively small circuit board space. Compared with traditional fuses, it reduces a lot of space. Secondly, in addition to the two leads, the surface of the square fuse is made of plastic materials, so the surface insulation has the function of flame retardant and insulation. Square fuse (can completely replace the traditional 3.6 * 10 tubular) micro fuse foreign name micro fuses purpose to protect power input ① the product can be divided into square micro fuse and cylindrical micro fuse according to shape, and the dimensions of reomaxfuse micro fuse are: 8 * 4 * 5mm, 8 * 8 * 4mm, 8.5 * 8mm, 8.5 * 8 * 4mm, 12 * 6 * 9; The current range is 50ma-30a; Models include: [2] MTC MFC MTS MFS NFS NTS TMS FMS 96F 96T and other series. The voltage is divided into 125V 250V 300V 350V 400V 500V

      It is in line with the current ROHS standard, so it can have good performance and bring fusing effect. Especially, the working temperature range is very wide. When in use, because there is no need to worry about any conflict metal, it can be used in major industries.


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