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Thermal Fuse
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SMD varistor ultra high voltage

Varistor chip varistor ultra high voltage

"Varistor" is a kind of resistance device with nonlinear volt ampere characteristics, which is mainly used to clamp the voltage when the circuit bears overvoltage and absorb excess current to protect the sensitive device. Its English name is "voltage dependent resistor", abbreviated as "VDR", or "varistor" The resistor material of varistor is a semiconductor, so it is a variety of semiconductor resistors. Now widely used "zinc oxide" (ZnO) varistor, its main material is composed of divalent element zinc (Zn) and hexavalent element oxygen (o). Therefore, from the perspective of materials, zinc oxide varistor is a "II - VI oxide semiconductor" In Taiwan, China, varistors are called "surge absorbers" and sometimes "electrical shock (surge) Suppressors (absorbers)".

Varistor is a voltage limiting protection device. Using the nonlinear characteristics of varistor, when overvoltage occurs between the two poles of varistor, varistor can clamp the voltage to a relatively fixed voltage value, so as to protect the subsequent circuit. The main parameters of varistor include: varistor voltage, through current capacity, junction capacitance, response time, etc.

The response time of varistor is ns, which is faster than gas discharge tube and slightly slower than TVs tube. Generally, it is used for overvoltage protection of electronic circuit, and its response speed can meet the requirements. The junction capacitance of varistor is generally in the order of hundreds to thousands of PF. In many cases, it is not suitable to be directly used in the protection of high-frequency signal circuit, but in the protection of AC circuit , because its junction capacitance will increase the leakage current, it needs to be fully considered in the design of protection circuit. The through current capacity of varistor is larger, but smaller than that of gas discharge tube. Varistor, abbreviated as VDR, is a voltage sensitive nonlinear overvoltage protection semiconductor element.

Varistor diameter size SMD, 5mm, 7mm various lead forms straight, curved and other special lead types various packaging forms bulk, roll packaging, roll packaging


Various diameter sizes: SMD, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20


Wide variable resistance voltage range: 18v-1800v

Various surge withstand capacity: standard, high surge, ultra-high surge

High current processing and energy absorption capacity

The flow rate of monomer can reach 70kA or even higher

Fast reaction time

Low leakage current

Various lead forms: straight, curved and other special lead types

Various packaging forms: bulk, roll packaging and roll packaging

Scope of application

Power system

Surge Suppressors

Security system

Motor protection

Automotive electronic system

Household Electric Appliances


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