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Auto fuse
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Small car fuse mini32v insert fuse 2A 32V to 40A 32V

There are many electric devices in automobile circuits connected by wires of different colors, among which the fuse should not be ignored. Fuse is the customary name, which is called fuse in national standards. The function of fuse is to protect circuit (line) and electrical equipment.

Automobile fuse nature a function of current fuse circuit protection definition electrical equipment is connected by wires of different colors

Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse. When the circuit current exceeds twice the rated current of the fuse, it will fuse in a few seconds to play the role of circuit protection. It is commonly used for over-current protection of automobile circuit and industrial equipment

Plug fuse

Insert fuse can be divided into: ultra small insert fuse, small automobile fuse, medium automobile fuse and large automobile fuse.

Insert fuse

The rated current is 1-40 amps (a) to large 30-120 amps (a) and the rated voltage is 32 volts (V).

Fork bolt fuse

Fork bolt fuse can be divided into small fork bolt fuse and large fork bolt fuse.

Fork bolt fuse

The rated current is 30-150 amps (a) to large 40-800 amps (a) and the rated voltage is 32 / 125 volts (V).

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