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Safety Resistor
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Nsmd 1206 self recovery fuse PPTC patch fuse PTC

Self recovery fuse is an overcurrent electronic protection element, which is made of high molecular organic polymer under the conditions of high pressure, high temperature and vulcanization reaction, mixed with conductive particle material and processed by special process. The traditional fuse overcurrent protection can only protect once and needs to be replaced if it is burnt out. The self-healing fuse has the dual functions of overcurrent thermal protection and automatic recovery. Chinese name self-healing fuse foreign name (self -) resettable fuse type overcurrent electronic protection element material polymer organic polymer self-healing fuse is composed of specially treated polymer resin and conductive particles (carbon black) distributed inside. Under normal operation, the polymeric resin tightly binds the conductive particles outside the crystalline structure to form a chain conductive electrical path. At this time, the self recovery fuse is in a low resistance state (a). The heat energy generated by the current flowing through the self recovery fuse on the line is small and will not change the crystal structure.

When the line is short circuited or overloaded, the large current flowing through the self recovery fuse melts the polymer resin, the volume increases rapidly, forms a high resistance state (b), and the working current decreases rapidly, so as to limit and protect the circuit.

When the fault is eliminated, the self recovery fuse cools and crystallizes again, the volume shrinks, the conductive particles re form the conductive path, and the self recovery fuse returns to the low resistance state, so as to complete the protection of the circuit without manual replacement.

SMD self recovery fuse size package 0603 0805 1210 1206 1812 2018 2920

Low zero power resistance: the self resetting fuse has low impedance, small power loss and low surface temperature during normal operation.

Fast over-current protection speed: due to its own material characteristics, the response speed of over-current state of self resetting fuse is much faster than that of other over-current protection devices.

Self locking operation: the self resetting fuse is in the overcurrent protection state and locked in the high resistance state with very small current. The low resistance state will be restored only after the power supply is cut off or the overcurrent disappears.

Automatic reset: after the self resetting fuse plays the role of overcurrent protection (troubleshooting), it will reset automatically without disassembly and replacement.

High current resistance: the self resetting fuse has excellent high current resistance, and some specifications can withstand 100A current impact.

Application: PPTC has a wide range of applications and can be used in various electronic products, communication products, power supplies, etc.


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