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Self recovery fuse
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AFB series 2.3 * 6.5mm quick break impact resistance fuse

Reomax AFB series 2.3 * 6.5mm quick break impact resistance fuse means that the appearance shape is similar to the resistance. Some products are marked with color rings to distinguish the current, so it is called resistance fuse and Pico Pico Pico fuse. The resistance fuse can be divided into 2 * 6 mm, 2.4 * 7mm and 3 * 8mm according to the size. The product body has green and yellow colors, and the current voltage range is 0.125A ~ 15A. The appearance of 2 * 6 mm and 3 * 8mm resistance fuse can be marked with color ring to distinguish the current. 125V/250V。


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