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Korea KC certification Ruimai obtained 6125 2410 1808 chip fuse KC certification 0.5A 1A 3a 3.15a 5A

In the early morning of May 31st, Beijing time, Mary Mickel, who is known as the “Queen of the Internet”, published the Internet Trend Report for 2018, which is the 23rd year of her Internet report.Th

Congratulations on our set series patch fuse Korean KC certification No.:

Reomax obtained 6125 2410 1808 chip fuse KC certification certificate No.: su05052-19001 su05052-19001 KC certification 0.5A 1A 2A 3a 3.15a 5A 6.3A 7a (square fuse, 2410 / 1808 / 6125) reomax / rimac fuse was manufactured through the national consultation hotline 13798531548 / 15338017943


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