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Five concepts for the development of LED driving power supply - reomax fuse

Today, about 80% of the faults of LED lamps and lanterns come from the power supply. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED light source product packaging technology and the continuou

      Today, about 80% of the faults of LED lamps and lanterns come from the power supply. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED light source product packaging technology and the continuous development of heat dissipation technology, the stability of light source has reached a relatively good level. Even if there is, it is also light attenuation and color drift, which is mainly caused by the unreasonable heat dissipation design. There are very few cases of direct necrosis. Relatively speaking, the problem of power supply is much more serious. When there is a problem, it is usually a direct dead light or flashing, and the frequency is relatively high. The failure and maintenance of conventional lighting street lamps are light source sodium lamps. The national standard for sodium lamps stipulates that the warranty period is one year, and street lamp units will store a certain number of sodium lamps. Sodium lamp has mature national standards, and its main accessories, size, power and other main parameters are unified and interchangeable.

       At present, the failure of LED lamps is mainly in the power supply, so the main contradiction is to solve the power supply problem. Due to the lack of mandatory unified standards for LED power supply, the power supply on the market is independent, single-channel, multi-channel and different sizes, resulting in many problems. With the emergence of ultra-high power LED power supply in the market, more than four driving power supplies are everywhere, so there are frequent failures. Due to the cost and shape of the overall design of LED street lamps, many factors coincide, which often lead to many difficulties in the maintenance of LED power supply. Therefore, the complaints of owners and the incitement of the media lead to misunderstandings about LED street lamps, This has affected the reputation and development of the industry.


Five concepts for the development of LED driving power supply:

1. Give up high power and super power and develop medium and small power supply with high stability, preferably between 30w-40w and no more than 50W.

Because the greater the power, the greater the calorific value, the more compact the parts inside, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature is the culprit of power failure. Moreover, the development of low-power power supply is relatively mature, and it has advantages in stability and cost. In fact, many power supply enterprises know that the greater the power, the harder it is to do, and are unwilling to do high-power. However, due to the pressure of application manufacturers, they passively develop high-power power power supply. Many schemes have not been verified by time and practice. They are all rush projects and experimental products, so faults emerge one after another. In contrast, due to the early development of small and medium-power power supply, the technical scheme is much more mature.

Moreover, the installation of high-power and super high-power power power supply is not flexible because of its large size, and the installation mode of small and medium-power power power supply is more flexible because of its small size.

2. Give up more than 4 outputs, develop single or two outputs, give up large current and super large current, and develop small current.

The more output channels, the more difficult it is to do, and the higher the failure rate. So far, no power supply manufacturer can stand up and say, "under the premise of today's harsh cost requirements, there is no problem with the guarantee of more than 4-way drives". The more output channels, the greater the total output current, and the current is the main reason for heating. If there is voltage, it can not heat, but if there is current, it must heat. Moreover, a simple calculation can think that the heating power is directly proportional to the square of the current, that is, if the current is increased to 2 times, the heating power will be increased to 4 times and the current will be increased to 3 times, The heating power will be increased to 9 times. So I suggest that the current should be controlled below 1a.

3. Intelligent control should be one of the biggest advantages of LED lamps, and intelligent control is the intelligent control of power supply.

Intelligent control is particularly important in the application of street lamp and tunnel lamp lighting. In terms of street lamp, intelligent control can realize stepless control of lamp power according to road traffic density in different time periods, which can not only meet the application requirements, but also achieve energy-saving effect. The application in tunnel lighting is more important. It can automatically adjust the brightness of tunnel entrance and exit according to the brightness outside the tunnel, so as to provide a safe driving environment for drivers.

4. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.

Not only the power supply itself will generate heat, but also the lamps. How to reasonably emit these two heat sources is a problem that the lamp design engineer must consider. We must prevent the excessive concentration of heat, form heat island effect and affect the service life of the power supply. In addition, protection is also very important. The penetration of moisture may cause short circuit of power supply. The dust on the shell will affect the heat dissipation of power supply. Exposure to sunlight is easy to cause high temperature and aging of wires and other components. Protection is actually to solve this series of problems

5. Feasibility of maintenance.

Although we have made great efforts in the previous four steps, the failure of the power supply can not be completely avoided, which is the reason why we propose the feasibility of maintenance. The lamp design engineer shall consider the maintenance of power supply. Only when the replacement of power supply is as simple as that of conventional lighting light source, can it be possible to transfer the maintenance task to the street lamp unit.

In this regard. We should work hard on the maintenance of lamps. Designers should regard themselves as repairmen. The simpler the requirements, the better. In the actual use process, the failure rate of rotary wiring plug is high, most of which are caused by water leakage. It has been recognized that the rational design method of modularization should be based on the integration of modular power supply, because the overall power of modularization is small. If the power supply can solve the problem of maintenance by plugging, the power supply will be stored in the street lamp unit (not doubting some of today's power supply, but relative to the service life of LED light source), which will benefit both enterprises and owners.

To sum up, although most of the faults of LED lamps occur in the power supply, they can not blame the power supply enterprises blindly. Power failure is the result of the comprehensive action of many factors, many of which are caused by the unreasonable design of lamp enterprises. To effectively reduce power failure, power enterprises and lighting enterprises need to strengthen interaction and make joint efforts


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