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Mini square Mini 8 * 4 * 5 MTC series

Z Yuhan: User Interface (UI) design is one of several interdisciplinary topics involved in designing

Advantages of small block fuse: 8 * 4 * 5

Mass production! The height is only 5mm, 40% lower than the height of 8 * 4 * 7.7

UL Listed: e340427 reomax

1. Reduce labor cost and tape design to facilitate manual and machine operation

In the production process of the traditional safety tube 3.6 * 10mm, in addition to putting the heat shrinkable tube on the safety tube first and heating it with a hot-air gun to shrink it, it is also necessary to bend and cut the angle. The process is complex, cumbersome and low controllability. If an accident occurs in production, resulting in the bursting of the glass tube, the bursting fragments will also affect other original devices.

In the production process of square MTC, machines can directly replace manual work without cumbersome processes. Plug and play does not need the additional cost of folding feet and adding heat shrinkable tubes, and it has more advantages in speed, which is the first factor considered by power R & D and design engineers in the industry. High reliability and stable solderability are the guarantee of product quality.

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